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Jar Normalizer Maven Plugin

When building a project with Maven, the generated binary artifact would typically differ from one build to another, even if nothing has changed in the project. Systems relying on binary fingerprints (e.g. checks on MD5 hash) would detect different artifacts although the source is exactly the same. The change in the binary Jar files results from different timestamps, possibly different ordering of the entries, among other reasons. One way to solve this is by “fixing” the timestamp of the Jar entries (to some constant value), sorting the entries of the manifest, etc.

The jar-timestamp-normalize-maven-plugin is a Maven plugin which provides this capability. It consists of a single goal called normalize which can be bound to the package lifecycle phase and configured in the project’s POM:


Normalization mainly consists of the following steps:

  • Alphabetically sort all files and directories in the Jar.
  • Setting the last modified time of all Jar entries to a specific timestamp (default value is 1970-01-01 00:00:00AM but can be changed by passing -Dtimestamp as a system property).
  • Reordering (alphabetically) of attributes in the manifest except for Manifest-Version which always comes first.
  • Removing comments from the pom.properties file which contain a timestamp that causes the Jar to differ from one build to another.

Once invoked, the goal will generate the output file next to the original artifact (named artifactId-version-normalized.jar), i.e. in the project.build.directory directory.

List of configuration parameters:

Parameter Description
outputDirectory Where to store the output artifact, defaults to the project output directory.
timestamp Fixed timestamp for artifact entries, defaults to 1970-01-01 00:00:00AM. Can be using -Dtimestamp property.
normalizedArtifactId Artifact name to be used in the output file name, default to the project’s artifactId.
normalizedClassifierName Classifier to be used in the output file name, defaults to normalized.

Project home: https://github.com/manouti/jar-timestamp-normalize-maven-plugin